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Humane Education in Belize

Be Kind Belize

Be Kind Belize was established in 2007 by Colette Kase to promote humane education in Belize. Humane education is based on the concept that all life is precious and is practiced by teaching young people the value and importance of treating all living creatures with kindness.  Be Kind Belize provides free resources for schools, educators and community organisations that can be introduced to complement the needs of the national curriculum and enhance studies in math, science, social studies, art and health.  Be Kind Belize resources can be adapted as needed to fit in with the values of different schools.

Through the use of fact sheets, classroom work sheets and group activity workshops, students are able learn why it is important to be kind to their family, friends, classmates, community, animals and the planet and how kindness makes Belize a better place.

To schedule a school program or a community activity contact Saga Humane Society at 226-3266 or